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Sketch 1 :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 4 1
Jak and Daxter Fanfiction: Jak's downfall
   "Jak!" A voice called. "Jak snap outta it!"
It called again. Jak stumbled in his dark eco state. His black claws stained in fresh blood. Torn laid on the bar's floor bleeding heavily from his side. Daxter entered the bar, he looked at his dark eco friend in shocked. He saw Torn laying on the ground bleeding from his wounds. Tess was knocked out on the bar's table. Blood dripped onto the floor.
Daxtar yelled at Jak. "Jak! I knew tattoo face was a asshole but c'mon pal!" He ran up Jak's body but he was only smacked away by Jak.
He stumbled to his feet, he slowly made his way toward Jak. "Jak...Buddy snap outta it. I know Tattoo Wonder is a asshole...But you didn't need to do this."
Jak growled at him. He was about to pounce on his childfriend when there was a low growl heard from outside. The bar's doors went flying as a Dark Eco infested Kiera stood in the doorway. She growled at Jak, her eyes red and black instead of the pure black. She slammed Jak into a wall slashing ope
:iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 1 0
Juilet Reboot :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 3 3
Resident Evil fanfic
I walk home from a tiring day at work. I rubbed my forehead trying not to think of my asshole boss. My headache felt like it was going to make my brain explode. I walked up the stairs to my apartment, I saw flowers on my door step.
    "Is Leon home?" I said to myself walking toward them.
I saw a note attacted to them' 'To the sexiest woman I know' I blinked. "Leon must be home..."
I opened the door to see my apartment empty.
    "Leon?" I called out...No answer. "Hey you home?"
I looked around the apartment to see no signs of him. I locked the door and set the roses on the kitchen counter. I kicked off my black heels and headed to the bedroom. Looking through my dresser I noticed a few pieces of clothing was missing.
My heart started to beat fast. I grabbed my pistol from under my pillow.
    "Come out! Now!" I yelled scared. "I'm not dealing with a pervert!" No answer...
I quickly grabbed my clean clothes and rushed to the bathroom, cell in han
:iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 0 0
Dante The Demon Slayer :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 4 3 Dante sketch :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 2 0 Resident Evil 6- Death Glare :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 1 3 Princess Sleeping :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 1 0 The puppet and a Oc :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 2 3 Look at me play! :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 0 0 Anime me! :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 0 2
Devil May Cry new story?
    I watched the demon in blue raised his sword, I slowly backed up bleeding heavily from my gut. I coughed up blood watching him closely. I pulled out my handgun to try to defend myself. He quickly slashed through my arm, I let out a scream. My arm twitched before it stopped moving. I struggled to escape. I saw him raise his sword one last time. My blue eyes widened as my chest was slashed open. I fell backwards onto my back. Before taking one last breath. I closed my eyes...And nothing.
         "Hey Dante!" A boy wearing a blue jean trench coat yelled.
        "What is it kid?" The red devil asked walking over to him.
        "Your brother got another victim...And it looks like she tried to defend herself..." The boy keeled down to the body of a girl covered in blood.
    She was missing an arm, along with her chest slashed opened.
:iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 0 0
Mature content
Burn :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 1 20
Mature content
Halloween costume :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 1 4
Bloody Nose :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 1 0
Mature content
Infected 2 :iconclaireredfield826:ClaireRedfield826 0 0


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United States
Sorry if I haven't been able to post alot. I'm...Having a hard time at the moment. My 4 month old hamster is very sick; she just lost her eye from her illness. And I've been debating if I should end her suffering...We don't have money for a vet and mom said they won't be able to help her anyways. She's barely eating, she's wheezing and struggling to breath. I asked my stepdad if he would be able to put her down...He didn't have the guts either...

I'll try to work on a fan fiction if she gets better...I highly doubt she will. But I will try to work on a fan fiction or a drawing.
  • Watching: Stepdad playing The Last of Us
  • Playing: Xbox
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